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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:17 am


- No flaming, spamming, double posting, trolling or otherwise crowding the site with nonsense in places it doesn't belong.

- God-modding, power-playing, and maiming/killing is not allowed.

- Serious and flagrant abuse or harassment of other members is not allowed and can merit a temporary ban. Teasing is allowed, but don't be cruel or mean on purpose.

- Please try to use proper sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. It may not always be the easiest thing, but it would be beneficial for everybody.

- Plagiarism of artwork and literature is not allowed. Give credit when credit is due, and don't steal anyone else's work, especially if made on the site.

- While everyone appreciates constructive criticism, leave the administration of other users to the administrators and the moderation to the moderators. Always consult one of them first if you have an issue, as it can allow us to handle any problems that may arise more easily.

-Keep avatars and other pictures within PG-13 guidelines please (no nudity).


- Swearing and derogatory words are allowed to some extent.
Limited Use: Ass, Shit, Damn, Bitch, Piss, Slut/Whore, Hell, Pussy/Dick.
Banned: F-word, C-word, N-word. (Note: You can replace the F-word with f*** if you so desire, but only use it very sparingly.)

- If a banned word is used, you will get an automatic 2 day to 1 week ban, depending on its use and which word is used.

- Swear words should not be used towards other members outside of character interactions, as this violates other rules as well.

PG-13 Site Regulations:

- Alcohol, drug, and sexual mentions are to be kept at a minimum, but I trust you to be wise enough to handle this.

- Sexual intercourse and foreplay of any sort is not allowed.

- Romance is allowed, but know the limits. Also, try to make relationships realistic if you're going to have them.


- Self-inflicted harm can only be referenced, but not roleplayed.

- All characters should be taken seriously, even if they aren't RPed that way. Be realistic in what you do.  

- It is not allowed to have the same character in multiple areas at the same time, the exception being during an event.
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Rules and Regulations
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